Phillip Jenkins is currently based in Bearsden, Glasgow and is working on three projects related to the area.
Green Hollow is the ancient Cumbric name Glas Cau, which is known today as Glasgow.
The series Green Hollow is a collection of pictures taken in and around the Glasgow area showing life as it is today in this dynamic, busy city.
Town of the Grey Dog is a photographic documentary of a cold, dark, Northern city, known as Glasgow.
Barrowlands is a series of panoramic colour pictures taken in and around the Barrowlands and Barra market area of Glasgow documenting the increasing decline of this social and cultural area.

Phillip Jenkins was previously a Suzhou-based photographer who mostly worked in street photography, capturing the other side of Suzhou’s technology gloss and Shanghai’s unabashed glitz to document the everyday lives of these cities’ working class members.

Phillip has currently finished working on four China projects, Rock and a Hard Place, Jinzhou – The Dark City, Suzhou and Urban Desires.
Work in progress includes Park Life, documenting the social life that happens in and around Chinese parks, The Consumerist, documenting the shopping habits of people in China and Urban Banality, documenting the banality that sometimes occurs with excessive urbanization.